What is important to me?

    Ultimately it will be the answer to this question that will

    But you have to be honest with yourself, otherwise you will be wasting your time, and those trying to help you.

    When you find / answer this question, the choice of what implant option is the best for YOU will be clear.

    So what is important to you?  Here are some things to think about.

    "I don't want removable teeth.  I saw my parents struggle with them and they were uncomfortable"

As you think what is important to you, remember there are two types of replacement teeth that make use of dental implants:  removable teeth.....that clip onto the implants, and fixed teeth.....that are firmly anchored to the implants.      

    If you still have your natural teeth

Will you be comfortable with removable teeth?

        Keep in mind that removable teeth:

            -will move when you eat and speak
            -collect food underneath the denture base of the teeth
            -should be removed 1-3 times a day so that they can be throughly cleaned with a brush
            -should be removed from your mouth when you sleep

            -can be painful to wear.  This occurs because the removable teeth rest on the gum tissue, not on the implants.  Remember the teeth are clipped onto the implants; they are not supported by the implants.

            All of these are formidable problems, which is why most people choose "Fixed Teeth" over removable teeth.

How much can I afford?

e is no question that removable teeth are less costly than fixed teeth.

If you no longer have your natural teeth,

"I've already lost my teeth, and my dentures are uncomfortable"

        "I cannot wear my dentures, and I've been told 
         I do not have enough bone for implants"

What is important to me?  (goals to accomplish)
        -eliminate pain
            -worry (freedom to socialize)
        -avoid removable teeth
            -my appearance
            -my abiity to eat, enjoy foods they want to eat
            -my ability to speak, laugh
            -my freedom to do what I want, when I want, without worry

    3. What can I afford?  (cost, can be addressed under the 'options' link?)

        -other ideas:
        -what are my goals, my expectations, what do I want to accomplish
        -how successful will the results be?

-"Many, or most of my teeth are unhealthy and need to be extracted":  
            -(failing dentition): this category includes people with: 
                    -failing bridgework
                    -generalized advanced bone loss from periodontal disease
                    -generalized root cavities
                    -fractured roots
                    -teeth with failed root canal treatments
            -people in this category have what dentists call "a failing dentition".
            -Select:  Missing All Teeth

        -"I have already lost my teeth, and my dentures are uncomfortable
            -(edentulous patients)
            -Select:  Missing All Teeth

        -"I cannot wear my dentures, and I have been told I do not have enough bone for implants"
            -(patient with minimal bone levels)
            -Select:  Missing All Teeth