Temporary Teeth:

Why do I need temporary teeth?

Before the implants can be placed, your unhealthy teeth must be removed


Are the type of temporary teeth important?

Yes.  Temporary teeth will determine                  

There are 2 types of temporary teeth:

Temporary Denture 

These teeth will be placed immediately after all of the unhealthy teeth are removed.  A denture is the most common type of temporary teeth because it simplifies the overall treatment.  These teeth are removable and usually require denture adhesive (Polygrip, Fixodent) to hold the teeth in your mouth.




Temporary Bridge

A temporary bridge eliminates the need to wear a removable denture during the implant bridge treatment.  After most of the healthy teeth are removed, the temporary bridge would be cemented on 2 or 3 of the stronger teeth.  A few months later, the temporary bridge and the support teeth will be removed, the implants will be placed and a provisional implant bridge would be connected to the implants; this provisional bridge is also temporary.    There is some added cost to make the first temporary bridge.



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