How do I start the treatment process?

First, are you a candidate for implants?

  • To find out you will need to see an implant surgeon.
  • There are two kinds of implant surgeons:

          • Periodontists
         • Oral Surgeons

  • These surgical specialists will determine if you have enough bone to place implants.

What will they do?

  • The surgeon will take an X-ray called a "Panorex".
  • This X-ray will show the amount of bone in two critical areas:

    • The front of the mouth
    • The back of the mouth
Panorex X-ray shows lower jaw at bottom, teeth in the center, and upper jaw at topPanorex diagram of the upper jaw and remaining teeth
Areas shaded brown represent bone.

What are the usual results for someone who is losing their teeth?

     • 80-85% of people have a common problem

                • Good bone in the front of the mouth
             • Not enough bone in the back of the mouth

     • A successful bridge must have implants in both                areas.


If there is not enough bone, is an implant bridge still possible?

      • Yes!  An implant bridge is still possible
     • Three different types of surgery can be used to                place the implants
     • Grafted, Standard, and Angled implant surgeries          are all successful treatments.

12-Tooth Lower Implant Bridge



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