How do I start the treatment process?

First, are you a candidate for implants?

  • To find out you will need to see an implant surgeon.
  • There are two kinds of implant surgeons:

    • Periodontists
    • Oral Surgeons

  • These surgical specialists will determine if you have enough bone to place implants.

What will they do?

  • The surgeon will take an X-ray called a "Panorex".
  • This X-ray will show:

    • overall condition of the jawbone
    • sinus spaces in the upper jaw
    • large nerves in the lower jaw



What are the usual results for someone who is losing their teeth?

  • Most people who are healthy will be candidates for implants.
  • This is true regardless of:

    • person's age
    • amount of bone in the jaw
    • hardness, or softness of the bone

  • Even people with well-controlled health conditions, like diabetes and osteoporosis, can have implants.

 A Panorex X-ray

Once you're a candidate, you're ready to start the process

What's the first step?