Removable Teeth Options

Removable  Teeth
(clipped onto implants)

Professional                    Overdenture                    Overdenture                    Overdenture

  Implants                        Mini-Implants               Regular Implants             Regular Implants

   Type of                               "Ball"                              "Locator"                             "Bar"

Number of                              4 - 6                                   2 - 4                                  2 - 4

 Expected                        What can you simply say for each of these, or just say nothing?
 Length of

(see notes below)

(see notes below)

Notes on complete treatment time

1.  You should know that the treatment needed to replace all of a person's missing teeth is a process.  
      It does not occur overnight, or even in 1-hour.

     There will always be periods of time when the dentist, the surgeon, and the patient are waiting.....
     waiting for the bone, the gum tissue and the mouth to adapt before the next step in the process
     can begin.

2.  The times listed do not include the additional time needed for the following procedures:

a.  Extractions:                                 add minimum 3 months

            b.  Bone regeneration:                    add minimum 6 months
                 (bone grafts / sinus grafts)

      As you think about your treatment options, you should remember that the current condition of
      your mouth may require some additional treatment prior to implant treatment.

Notes on costs

1. Fees listed include:

        -a new denture
        -all attachment costs, including attachment installation
        -all laboratory costs if needed

1.  high variability are primarily due to the following:

    -number of implants used to support the implant teeth
    -need for bone regeneration (bone / sinus grafts)
    -laboratory costs associated with the construction of the implant teeth

2.  Fees listed are for all treamtent needed to provide the patient with a complete set of teeth and include:

    -the dentist's fee: including all treamtnet needed to provide the patient with the provisional and permanent teeth
    -the surgeon's fee: including the placment of the implants and the permanent abutments
    -accessory fees:  3D-CAT scan, surgical and radiographic guides

3.  the following procedures are not included in the fees listed and should be discussed with your dentist or surgeon is they are recommended:

        -bone regeneration  (bone grafts / sinus grafts)
        -iV sedation
        -Computer-guided implant surgery (
Guided Surgery)